’90 all over again with beaded handbags

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’90 all over again with beaded handbags

Who would have known that small bags will be back in fashion? They are spreading all over so fast, it is incredible. They were a top trend in the ’90, and now they are here again. Maybe you would ask yourself, why they are so unique. These bags are different, and they stand out from others because they are beaded with small and adorable little beads and also unique. You can have all the fun with them and combine them with whatever you like.

Whether it’s a white beaded top-handle clutch or some neon colour plastic tutee, they are popular again, and this time it looks like they will stay a little bit longer. You can see them almost in every Instagram influencer like Pandora Sykes or Lorna Luxe.

New York-based jewellery designer Susan Alexandra makes them hand-crafted, often fruity and rainbow coloured. Fun and perfect for the summer to come.

Hannah Wielandโ€™s brand โ€œShrimpsโ€ also sell these gorgeous little bags on their website and you can see that they are almost sold out for a very much high price.

If you like you can choose a little bit different style but also unique, from the collection of beaded handbags from Antonia Stogdale website. She is collaborating with the Mukogodo Maasai women of Northern Kenya. Each bag takes about two weeks to make, and each woman has her style and design.

Maybe these bags are not practical, but they can be handy, charming and pretty much โ€œmust haveโ€ for this season.

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