88-year-old Hitchcock muse is the face of Gucci’s new campaign

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88-year-old Hitchcock muse is the face of Gucci’s new campaign

Tippi Hedren, an 88 years old American actress, animal rights activist, and a former fashion model has made headlines by becoming the face of Gucci’s latest style campaign. Her styles, filled with timeless grace and elegance can be seen in various pictures and video of the new campaign that is related to Gucci’s classic and exuberant jewellery.

This new Gucci campaign is shot by the leading photographer of the industry, Colin Dodgson who beautifully photographed Tippi Hedren with style inspired by David Lynch. In the photographs, the model Tippi Hedren can be seen as a mesmerising fortune teller, wearing a bohemian style robe by Gucci and adorning the key pieces from the new Gucci collection.

From Hollywood classic hair too wide open bright eyes to the classic red manicure, everything screams sophistication with a touch of allure. The silk tablecloth is surrounded by crystals and a fortune telling ball that the model Tippi Hedren uses to determine the fortune of the young and lively models. The other models themselves can be seen flaunting the best pieces from the Gucci Ouroboros, Le Marché des Merveilles collections, GG Running and the G-Frame and G-Timeless timepieces.

Gucci’s new campaign has made a new wave of starting age-diverse advertisements featuring more icons from different age groups. Tippi Hedren perfectly plays the role of a mysterious blonde fortune teller, and her age added depth and a mesmerising class to her mystical character.

With this spell-bounding ad by the high street label “Gucci”, featuring the iconic and all-time glamorous models Tippi Hedren, we can expect more fashion ads that give place to all ages of both genders in the fashion industry making the brand more age diverse in the coming future.

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