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OOTD by @mijatwins

Meet @mijatwins (Instagram username) from Germany! Before we share more about our interesting find, watch the video below!

Nope, you’re not seeing doubles, @mijatwins are a pair of twins – ℳiri and 𝒥ani. Both talented, gorgeous and fashionable!

So, who are the @mijatwins? Well, they Instagram, that’s for one; and they YouTube too. The downside, it’s not in English… so here at PINC, we’re not really getting it. The upside, style is universal that breaks through the language barrier, and we love seeing these doubles!

More looks from @mijatwins:

twinning is winning 👯

A post shared by ℳiri & 𝒥ani |Twinkle Twice (@mijatwins) on Mar 28, 2018 at 12:26am PDT

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